OO XXV Results

Official Results for OO XXV

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The nZone, Chantilly, VA

Winner in bold with method of win next to their name.

                                                Featherweight Bout–145 lbs.

1             John Kermon                                    Vs                          Tyson Kellerman, armbar

                                                Welterweight Bout–170 lbs.

2             Alvin Amana                                     Vs                          Alexander Olave, rnc

                                                Bantamweight Bout–135 lbs.

3             Isaac Williamson                              Vs                          Kwame Yiadom, unan dec

                                                  Catchweight Bout–150 lbs.

4             Nick Kling                                          Vs                          Joseph McMahon, unan dec

                                                 Bantamweight Bout–135 lbs.

5             Pablo Garcia, unan dec                Vs                          Tacuma Robinson

                                                   Catchweight Bout–140 lbs.

6             Mike Sutherland                               Vs                          Francis Torres, armbar

                                                   Lightweight Bout–155 lbs.

7             Nick Xourias                                      Vs                          Sunni Imhotep, tko

                                                     Flyweight Bout–125 lbs.

8             Greg Alexander                                 Vs                          Brandon Lewis, rnc

                                                 Bantamweight Bout–135 lbs.

9             Junior Villeda                                    Vs                          Trey Hull, unan dec

                                 Featherweight #1 Contender Bout–145 lbs.

10           Darnell Murphy, unan dec          Vs                          Jonathan Vinyard

                                           Bantamweight TITLE Bout–135 lbs.

11           Hunter Perkinson                               Vs                          Ginseng DuJour, rnc

                                            Welterweight TITLE Bout–170 lbs.

12           Marc-Ari Lewis                                   Vs                          Esrom Montesino, arm triangle

                                   Co-Main Event: Featherweight Bout–145 lbs.

13           Jeff Melvin                                           Vs                          Kevin Chung, unan dec

                              MAIN EVENT: Middleweight TITLE Bout–185 lbs.

14           JP St. Louis, rnc                               Vs                          Jonathan Liggins

                                                     Catchweight Bout–160 lbs.

15           Cameron Hoback, unan dec         Vs                          Trevor Thompson

                                                     Welterweight Bout–170 lbs.

16           Aaron Smith                                          Vs                          Stan Myaskovsky, triangle

                                                 Light Heavyweight Bout–205 lbs.

17           Johnny Holmes                                     Vs                          Malcolm Travis, split dec

                                                      Catchweight Bout–150 lbs.

18           Terri Dodge                                            Vs                          Cory Pazcoguin, GoGoplata

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